Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art Every Day Month Day 7

It's been a couple of busy days since I last wrote about my work. Believe me, both days were filled with important stuff. I did get a chance to work on my art cards, although the latest one still isn't finished. I thought I would share a work-in-progress as I plug along.
In keeping with my holiday theme, I wanted these angels to have colorful outfits. Several issues came up as I was working.

~A friend asked: what will I write inside? I had not thought
about the inside yet. I want it to be spiritual and uplifting.

~The details are coming along slowly because I'm using
10X14 inch paper. Faces and fingers are tiny.

~I have to talk to a printing company about reproducing these
cards(not really a big problem).

~How will I package them for sale?

~ Other computer/internet-related questions.

The process is fun - watching these angel spirits evolve.

Soon, I'll post a finished product! Woo - Hoo!!!
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