Saturday, November 14, 2009

AEDM Check-in, November 14

Well, I guess everyone has to have those days.
How about a week?
After a week of work on my latest painting, it's so sad to say that I will not use it.
At first I tried to make a textured background using watercolor. The colors were disappointing and grey looking. I added some salt to create texture but it did not have the effect I wanted.

Next, I decided to paint the illustration without the background and while the painting is progressing, it does not have the fun movement of the other works I had posted earlier in the month.
The illustration looks better online than the actual image. It just looks static

I know that if I were working digitally, I could correct a lot of it painlessly. But with this computer, I don't think that is a possibility.

I'm just going to put both aside for now and revisit them later. I might find another way to use the background and the figures.
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