Thursday, December 18, 2008

Comfort Doll Project

While browsing this web blog I found a link to the Comfort Doll Project. This sounds like such a nice idea, that I thought I would include a link to it so that I can explore it further. I love the thought of providing battered women with a work of art. So, my plan is to create a doll or two to send to this cause. We should support one another.
I may even think about gifts for my friends and family. (Of course, they won't all get done for this Christmas. So, they could be an ongoing project or a never-ending project.) I'll keep you posted. Thank you Groggy Froggy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Buffalo Update

I have finished Casey's buffalo. I added grass and stitched around the edges. My son wants to hang it up, so I may add a dowel pocket in the back.
After dinner last night, I gave it to him so he could have it today when he went into Boston. He seemed very happy about receiving it.

I wish I had taken his picture with it. :)

I added some more of my favorite blogs to the list on my page. I have so many favorites now, that I should put them all on here so I can look them up easily.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buffalo Stage 2

Here I have appliqued the main parts of the buffalo. I plan to sew him (Yes, it's a male) onto cream colored fleece. I embroidered a smile for his mouth, but it's barely visible. I also switched his beard to the same fleece as his fur.
Next Wednesday (12/17), Casey is having his tonsils and adinoids removed. I want the buffalo ready to give him on the night before his surgery. I'll ask him if he wants it to be a rug or a blanket. Maybe I should just finish it as a blanket.
Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Let me know, okay?
Until later... Janet

Casey's Buffalo

My Grandson has a fondness for buffalo. He saw some at the zoo earlier this fall. My oldest son has been laying wood floors throughout his house. When Casey showed me his beautiful floor in his bedroom, I lold him he cold have a rug by his bed to stand on when he gets up. He asked if it could be a buffalo. Hmm, that made me think about creating a rug for him. This picture shows my version of a buffalo cut from fleece. All of the pieces are pinned and ready to be sewn.

Buffalo Rug made from fleece.