Saturday, January 22, 2011

Color Added

The painting of my clementines is complete. I love the color combinations! It's always so satisfying to produce something that has been floating around in my head.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clementines, Pickup Trucks , Little Boys and Other Things

I really wasn't going to wait so long to post another entry, but, time does zoom along. I created this little sketch earlier this week and really liked the look of it. I have started to create an acrylic painting which is on my worktable now.
 I liked the sketch so much, that I decided to add an outline using my #1 Micron Pen. I might just paint it again using watercolor...Hmm, I'll have to give that a try.
I have finally painted "Zippy" the old pickup truck. I was going to make it into a valentine for my Grandson, Casey. I have not decided about it yet. He was flipping through my sketchbook one day. He counted how many of the drawings were of girls and how many were boys. He liked some of the female pictures, but he wanted to know if I could draw more boys. I'll have to work on that, certainly.
 He didn't see it, but I did one of him while I was on vacation cruising in the Bahamas.

I read with interest what goes on in some of my favorite creative/artist-blogger's posts. Some seem so productive and successful.
Kelly Rae wrote a very provocative article about celebrating yourself and the skills that you possess "The Secret Ingredient is You". She was upset because another artist had used some examples of work that looked strikingly similar to her work.  In addition, someone else had posted information on a blog using Kelly Rae's exact words. This is distressing, mainly because it seems like many creatives are trying to get to the same place - publication, national recognition, or licensed at the same time. It's distressing because CREATIVITY should NOT be a competition... Hello! Creativity and the work around it comes from within. If an artist produces work worthy of note, other creatives should acknowledge that person and produce original work as their own examples.

Another inspirational artist who's work I read and admire is Leah author of Creative Every Day. Each month Leah posts a theme and produces some examples of her work in the topic. This month the theme has been Cosmos - a beautiful, broad and exciting topic. If a creative person is looking for ideas, Leah is a great resource.
I guess I had better go back to painting.

If you visit my post, please leave a comment. I love to hear from others.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Sketches

I just love getting new ideas! This morning I did this little sketch using a picture I found in an advertisement. When I woke up, I decided to try this. I love old trucks and cars. They have so much character. I can see that this drawing needs some work because the running board is too low to the ground...teehee. It would get scraped by every rock and stone. Well, it's just a sketch so no harm done.
When I paint it, I'll fix things.
Here's another view of Zippy (that's the name I gave the little truck).
This version obviously has a better suspension! :) Now I can paint and not worry about scraping the undercarriage.

Have you noticed today's date? it's 1/01/11 - really cool! The number one by itself signifies new beginnings, independence and decisions. My personal word for the new year is awareness, so I feel compelled to be aware of my surroundings, signs and events. I was drawn to understand the significance of  today's date.
I hope the new year begins blissfully for everyone who reads this. Expect the best for yourself and your loved ones.