Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Leah at CED!

Happy Birthday to Leah Piken Kolidas at Creative Every Day!
She just posted an article suggesting ways to celebrate yourself.
How perfect!
Leah suggested that we write down some things (25-50 Good Grief!) that delight us.
Well, the first one is easy:
I find that the more I find ways to express my art,
the more I enjoy creating it.
It seems like it increases by multiples
with every new attempt.
Aside from this,
I would make a list
My Delights, in no particular order, include:
Babies, color, flowers, the ocean, beaches, seashells, coffee, caramel, Tuesday,
friends, children, quilts, fabric, drawing, sewing, music,
dance, bike riding, celebrations
Harry Potter, handsome people, comedy, romantic movies, rose scents, sharing,
learning, quiet reflecion, massage, Reiki, fresh air, discovering new places, and more.

I'm off, right now, to find some new delights. I hope everyone has luck enjoying the pleasure of
a beautiful summer day.
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