Monday, July 20, 2009

Gifts From the Heart

On Saturday morning, Jamie Ridler announced a lovely surprise gift. She and a group of friends had designed a set of 36 affirmation cards to download and print! They were so lovely, that I printed mine immediately. In addition, Amanda and Jenn at Kind Over Matter offered a pattern for a scallop box sized for the cards to fit inside.
The other members of the group include: Rachelle Mee-Chapman or Magpie Girl, Brandi Reynolds at Joy Rebel, Jamie Ridler at Starshyne Productions, and Kind Over Matter.
This liitle act of kindness gave me a lift. I appreciate the generousity of these young women.
I hope that I will find a way to pay them back.

~~~perfect to start, end, or lift the day~~~~~

I hope others will enjoy this nice gift.
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