Monday, September 14, 2009


I have so many inspiring thoughts. Many of them are so achievable, if I would just start acting on them.

Recently, at the end of August, a friend came to visit and brought me a lovely pocket charm.
The charm is a seashell crafted in silver metal. Inside the shell is word "Inspire".
Shortly after, Leah of Creative Every Day announced that the September theme is - INSPIRATION!

This was serendipitous.

I love these events. They give me a sense of wonder. How does this happen? Can it be an accident? Is some greater force at work? I know this is an opportune time to take advantage of this valuable situation.

I know one thing, putting these thoughts into words provides substance for my ideas. So I plug along between the everyday business of life to wiggle out ways to follow through. It gives me a sense of purpose.
More on this later, I hope.
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