Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have done it again! I've updated my template/background. The pink was beginning to bother me, so I simplified the look.
Sometimes, a change is a good thing.

Last week in the TNC Joy Diet, we were inspired to notice joy and begin to do Nothing! Well, let me tell you, I notice joy whenever and wherever I can. When I look out while I'm driving, I try to take joy in the scenery. No matter where I am, I make the practice of looking at that place with my "artist' s eye." It's like a visual caress.
I think, "What does that feel like? What shapes am I seeing? How does that object attract me?
Maybe it's a form of meditation, but the artist in me appreciates
the exercise.

Because of this practice, I actually find beauty in some very unlikely places.
Imagine driving along in the city - the architecture is amazing - even in a battered,
run down neighborhood. I might spot a building with wonderful windows or an amazing doorway.
Somebody planned that beauty.

As a result of this "art trip,"
I am generally always uplifted.
If I feel lonely or down, that goes away
like MAGIC!
I also think that joy creates a sense of well-being and health.
I don't look in the mirror very often.
Why would I bring that up in connection with this subject?
Mainly because my mind's eye sees me differently than I appear.
That might sound delusional, but it works for me.

I have not had time to read the first chapter of the Joy Diet, however I'm sure that I will catch up soon. The subject of "Nothing" is not easy for me to approach. I like to be active. I do enjoy meditation, but I usually practice guided meditation in Yoga. It's refreshing and relaxing.
Otherwise, without direction, I can't stop making mental lists, drawing in my head, planning dinner or a trip to the store, etc, etc.

A lot of this buzzing and busyness comes from years of teaching and self-coaching "on the fly." As a teacher, especially with older children, I had to think on my feet. It probably has a lot to do with my teaching style. I would plan ahead for hours and when I got to the classroom, I would look at the kids and begin to make quick changes in my presentation. Why? just because I would get inspired, or decide that I didn't plan the right presentation. It was exhausting! But so rewarding.
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