Monday, October 4, 2010

I had planned this painting just as Leah at Creative Every Day had announced her theme for the month of October.
It's exciting to see how a painting progresses. I like to view it with "different eyes" so I wait a few hours or even overnight.  Viewing it on my blog helps too.
Sometimes I can't tell if I'm missing something as I work on a piece. I wonder if that improves with experience. Hmmm....
There's more to do here, so I'll work some more and then post again, soon.
Another idea that I have been working on lately, is a children's story.
A friend of mine who works at the elementary school wrote a note about a conversation she had with a little girl in kindergarten.
Something made me think that I could make a story out of it, so I created a character.
I'm not sure yet if this is the right character for the story beause it really depends on the direction the story takes.
Around her are some questions I'm asking my self (or her) about her story.
When this begins to grow, I'll post about it. If I say too much now, I think it will spoil the process.
I may need to name her and draw more settings for her to spur my imagination.
My lovely daughter gave me the name for my last children's story, Marmalade's Marvelous Methods.
I have found that giving my main character an identity and then asking her or him interview questions helps to move things along.
Now if the blog fairy would come with some "Powder of Inspiration," I'd be thrilled!
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