Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Muse Is Missing

I have chosen to use this title because I am so frustrated right now. I'm not sure whether it's the time of year, and she's just sleeping for a while, or if the problem is that I have a block and I'm not hearing her clearly.

For quite a bit of time, I have been searching for answers, doing a variety of activities to open up my charkra (Nia dance, Yoga, Vision Boards, Meditation, Art Classes, Photography, Reading, Sewing, etc.) just to name a few of them. In spite of my whole-hearted participation, my Muse remains secluded.

A friend recently told me to pay attention to my dreams and keep a dream journal. Last night, I think one of my dreams was about collecting bugs. Some people were creating art in the background, while I was collecting a variety of bugs. This will be a record of that particular dream...Hmmm.

This morning, I received the news that a member of my family needs financial assitance. I want so much to be able to help, but I need to find a way without impacting my family's budget. It seems that everything is so fragile these days. I would love to have a product that I can devote to help out. Sometimes, I hear those talk shows that reference the spirit of generousity and giving and how these things enrich you in numerous ways. It all sounds so wonderful, but where does one find the resources? Everything I think of for a product whether it's art, or services the idea is being explored in some way, or it requires certification. I want to think of something practical so buyers will want to purchase one or some of it. Especially given that the economy is so depressed.

Where is my Muse in all of this? I'm posting this on my blog and sending it out to the universe in the hope that she will come and help me out with some inspiration.

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