Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

Lately, it seems that I have been on a quixotic journey. Every so often, I find myself traveling along divergent paths. Even though I love my painting and drawing, I have been exploring fiber arts and designs.
As a child, I watched my mother sew beautiful clothing and accessories for our family. A very early memory is one of my felt blotter that Mom constructed out of wool circles for me to use with my ink pen at school. Yes, I actually had an inkwell and a pen with a nub.
At St. Catherine's School in Norwood, we practiced penmanship every day at our desks. The desks and chairs were bolted to the floor in the classroom. I must have been in third or fifth grade. I know it wasn't fouth grade, for sure. In fourth grade, I was in Sister Prudence's room at the corner of the hall on the first floor. The room where I remember using the wool blotter was the second one on the right side of the hall.
Why do I want to write about the blotter? Because I loved the look and feel of it. I liked the idea that my mother made it for me and I could carry it with me in school. It gave me confidence and security to have that little pile of wool circles stiched together.
Much later, when I went to college, I had trendy little wool coats that my Mom made for me. I think those wool coats were comforting as I traveled to and from class, or over to the Admin. Building where I worked in the Education Office several hours a week.
It's certainly fun to go back and mull over things remembered from the past. Over the years, my mother patiently taught me to sew. When something became confusing, she would help me work out the snaggles and puckers. I spent many happy days shopping for fabric to construct some amazing (I thought) outfit. There was a fabric store in the center of town. Martins Fabrics was located in the middle of a block of stores in Guild Square in Norwood. They had a wonderful variety of fabrics and notions.
That's it for now. As you can see, I have been drifting around. I'm hoping that by exploring other diversions (check out my blog list), I'll bring fresh eyes to my art.
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