Friday, February 6, 2009

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women


I believe in magic. Not just the ordinary sleight of hand, but the kind of magic that emerges when my energy is moved. The first time I realized that I could create magic was a few years ago in my classroom. I found that the kids were wrapped up in our collective magic. They never wanted to leave (for the most part). This was powerful to me and I have reflected on it every chance I get.

This magic flows for me whenever I work. The flow grows and expands as I move my energy in creative persuits. Since I have been developing my art, my energy is expanding. When an element is added, magic grows. In many ways, it's like cultivating a garden. The magic of bright orange coupled with purple infuses energy into this photo.

Energy emerges permeating the composition with color. I can equate the art that I'm producing to this color composition. When I observe these combinations, I feel a sense of wonder and beauty. There is so much joy in these colors.
If this post is off topic, I am sorry. This is where my insight brought me.
I have been working on a picture book submission. I applied for a grant and now I'm researching publishers for my story and illustrations. These are some goals that I have for my art. With sheer effort and a little MAGIC, I'll move ahead.
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